Who does need a Website?

Everyone who needs either local or national digital exposure.

Think a Website as a digital business card available 24/7 worldwide.

Having a website makes your business look more professional, serious and trustworthy.

What kind of spaces there are available Online?

You can have a Blog based website, and Online Store or a corporate or business website which can be used as a Landing Page to get leads and potential clients.

What do I need to get a Website for my Business?

The first thing you need is a Domain name and a Hosting Services. A domain name registration is a service that you need to renew yearly.

Secondly, you will need all the information regarding your business. We recommend to have them in digital format as .doc, .pdf and images in jpg, png format.

The third thing you would potentially need is to get professional advice in how to put all that information together and publish that only in the right way.

There are many aspects to take in account when building Websites. Things as: branding, usability, SEO, SEM, competitors research, keyword research, social media, etc. So don’t underestimate this process. See how we Plan a Website.

Contact us to get a professional and good looking website.

How to Register Domain and Hosting Service?

Although you can do it yourself We recommend you ask for some advice to help you set it up properly.

Regarding the domain registration, make sure the company register it for you add your email as the owner and administrative contact of that domain so you are not tie to any company or individual and you are able take your domain wherever you consider the best option.

You can find .co.uk domain names in the market for an average of 7GBP per annum.

After the domain registration, you would need to find a Hosting Company which will be the physical place where all your website files will “live”. Be advised of the geographical location of the server because it would be important for getting the support in your language and also it is good for search engines to related the server location with your business.

You will need to point your domain server names (DNS) to your new hosting provider, usually, the Hosting company helps with that. It all means that the browser looks in the right place when someone enters your domain name in the URL bar.

Can I make a website myself?

Of course you can! However. there are a bunch of things to keep in mind to achieve that, and of course, a bunch of skills that probably will take you hundreds of hours to get.

Just to mention some of them you would need some decent knowledge on Graphic design principles, Software like Photoshop or Illustrator, Marketing Online, Usability, SEO / SEM, HTML & CSS Coding, some Javascript in most of the cases.

You would also need how to make the connection with a server (via FTP for example) and last but not least: loads of SPARE TIME.