WordPress Websites

We create professional and good-looking Websites using Wordpress.

WordPress is the best CMS out there at the moment.

Wordpress Websites

WordPress Websites

What is a CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. And it basically means that you can manage the content of your website without requiring any coding or programming knowledge because of its extremely easy to use dashboard, where you can create or edit your posts, articles, pages, portfolio, services, etc.

WBDSGN: WordPress specialists

WordPress is currently the best web platform to create, design, publish and manage your Web Site content

Benefits of using WordPress to create your Web Sites

  1. Its framework is scalable. We can create from simple and basic 4 pages websites, up to complex E-Commerce Sites or Multi-level category Magazines for example.
  2. Its Content Management System Dashboard is extremely easy to Use and very intuitive.
  3. Its structure is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly. In other words: Google loves it.
  4. There are thousands of plugins available online if you needed and specific functionality out of WordPress already offers.
  5. The way this framework is structured allows designers and developers to create solid, functional and also good looking websites.
  6. Last but not least, it is free and it is massively support by hundreds of developers around the Word working daily to keep it running according to the W3c Web Standards.

WordPress basic Terms

WordPress CMS : is an Open Source tool acts like an engine that makes the web site run. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL as Data Base. You can install WordPress in your own Hosting Service and run the whole service from there.

Theme:  They are a bunch of files that give your WordPress installation the look and feel. You can get a Theme for free but it we strongly recommend get your theme build tailored to your needs so it matches your colours, brand and functionality.

Plugin: A plugin is a piece of software that you ¨plug¨ into your WordPress installation in order to get an specific functionality that WordPress doesn’t bring out of the box. For example: contact Forms, Slide Show Galleries, Booking Systems, Payment gateways, etc.

We Create and Develop Custom WordPress Themes in UK for business that really want to stand out of the crowd. Contact Us to Learn more about of the process to make it possible.